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How the People Live in Belgium

Most of the people of Belgium live in cities and work in large factories. The Belgians are famous for their lace, carpets, and glassware, which are bought by people all over the world. The Belgians also manufacture large quantities of woolen goods, machinery, leather, and chemicals. Many of the people in the cities own shops, and Belgium has sometimes been called a nation of shopkeepers.

The People Who Live in Belgium

The people of Belgium are divided into two groups, the Flemish and the Walloons. The Flemish speak a language that is just the same as the Dutch language; some Walloons speak a language which is more like French; but all Belgians speak French. The Walloons are descended from the ancient Belgae, who were the original settlers in this region thousands of years ago.

Impacts of Global Financial Crisis

In the recent one hundred years, several financial crises broke out. Some of them were serious and some of them were minor. However, all of them have giant impacts on every aspect of our life especially, social stability, living standard and economy.

Introduction to Indian Philately

Indian Philately is a mirror to the tradition, culture, religious beliefs, and lifestyle of Indian people. It gives a deep insight to the heritage through which one can discover the Beautiful India.

Japan’s New Old Society

With an estimated population of about 127 million people, more than 20% in Japan are above 65 years of age, and surprisingly only 14% are under the age of 15 years. The present scenario has left people concerned about the economic and social consequences like increasing pension and health care expenses, reduced savings and investment rates and decline in workforce.

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