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Evolution in Egypt and the Energy and Element of Euphoria in Human Mass Mobs

When we saw the mass demonstrations, and the million people gathering in the streets of Cairo, we assumed that a new day was being born for each other, that it’s government would be evolving, and that the people could finally have a nation so they can live up to the promise of the 21st century. However, as much as one could point out the incredible evolution of Egypt over the last 5000 years, this was not an event that sparked any random genetic mutation.

Bolivia Mounts a New Campaign to Legitimize Coca Amid Wave of Anti-US Sentiment in South America

A look at how Bolivia’s president is resisting coca eradication efforts in his country by the United States. Also a look at how drug-related policies have been unchanged from one U.S. president to the next.

Impact of Facebook Over Society

One might say that it is an age of information technology, but it will not be unfair to replace the term with social networking to a huge extent over sophisticated computer networks using internet protocol around the globe. Such as Facebook is the one most visited and acknowledged social network among others like MySpace, orkut etc supervised by few of the most elegant IT companies. Facebook among them is having immense amount of effect over society.

Impact of 2011 Unrest in Saharan Africa on South Asian Crude Market

A political and civil unrest throughout Middle East and Saharan Africa marked beginning of year 2011. This region has special significance as it is rich in crude oil production. Not only majority of the world’s requirement of crude is produced in this region it also forms major sea route for transporting cargo to South Asian Markets. Instability in the region would bear direct and immediate correlation with crude prices.

Gujarat Is The First One To Take Action On Climate Change By Setting Up A Solar Park At Patan

The applause of thousands of people was heard all over Patan on December 30, with the launch of The Solar Power Park. Chief Minister Narendra Modi formally launched the work on the power plant which will be set up at Charanka village in Patan district.

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