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A Day To Reflect On Human Rights

China’s rulers miscalculated badly when they prevented Liu Xiaobo’s family from collecting today’s Nobel Peace Prize on his behalf. The country’s Communist Party chiefs have tried to diminish the event by organizing a boycott and keeping every Chinese intellectual they can round up from attending. But, in place of a one-off ceremony that might quickly be forgotten – does anybody pay attention to Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize anymore? – all of China’s bluster and bullying has made this year’s award one that will be long remembered.

Are We on the Right Track?

Security problem in using Blackberry mobiles is in the news these days. It was surprising that after so many years of its existence in the country, the Government is now wondering ‘who let the Blackberry in’ to do business in India.

I Am in Love With Pakistan, But Why?

Patriotism is a fiery fountain from which springs the sweet stream of love. It is the intense fondness for one’s country, nation, traditions, laws and even land. It is an allegiance to the country’s contribution, government, people and institutions. No doubt, a man becomes emotionally attached to the place where he lives. So patriotism is a natural passion. My patriotism compels me to love Pakistan. I love my country passionately.

The Niger Delta Crisis – The Way Forward

The continuing conflict in the Niger Delta is mounting heavy pressure on the country’s oil output. Therefore, stakeholders must put-in genuine effort at resolving the over four decade long crisis. Some of the conditions outlined below will help a great deal at resolving the crisis.

Haiti Cholera Devastation Continues – Sarah Palin Concludes Haiti Visit

Haiti’s devastation continues as the cholera outbreak and the catastrophic earthquake of eleven months ago are still wreaking havoc on the impoverished country — and the election controversy isn’t helping matters. Still, Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief operation that evangelist Billy Graham’s son Franklin heads, is digging in deep to help.

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