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What Does China Need to Move Forward As a World Power

Many of China’s top thinkers have been trying to figure out how to get China over her growing pains, as she climbs up in the ranks of World Power eventually perhaps, attaining Super Power Status like the United States. There is great debate over such discussions. And some in the US believe that the reason China is not working right now is that their country has learned much from Western Culture, except the value of “Win-Win” negotiations.

Russian and Chinese Spies and Corporate Espionage Considered

Many US based entrepreneurs, companies, and innovators are upset that the Chinese have been using corporate espionage tactics to gain information and corporate intelligence and then using that information to compete against them. Often, borrowing product designs, schematics, and other proprietary information. Then there are the outright theft issues such as pirated software, music CDs, movie DVDs, and such.

Should China Focus More on a Western Civilization Win Win When Dealing With the US?

The economic growth in China has not been appreciated elsewhere in the world, because China has been too busy looking after itself and this has caused some problems in the Global Marketplace. China does what’s best for China, no one else. That is fine, but China could just as easily figure out ways to help them and still help everyone else in the process.

Chinese Restaurants in Every City in America

Many in China wish to extend Chinese Culture and create a better understanding in our Global Society because they feel that their nation is somewhat misunderstood. They also realize that it important for them to have a respected country as they grow into their World Power position. This makes sense, and yet, Chinese Culture is known throughout the world already.

International Literacy Day – Sustain the Commitment

Literacy is not just about learning, it is an empowered tool to eradicate poverty and a means for social and human development. And the International Literacy Day on September 08 is just the perfect day to reiterate our commitment for total literacy and help people get out of poverty, and malnutrition and provide equal employment opportunities and put the world back on its tracks of development.

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