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We Are in the Midst of a Worldwide Food Crisis

The American press missed the fact that food and not politics was behind the crises in North Africa, food was the commodity that Palin wanted airlifted to Haiti. The food crisis in Haiti actually triggered the unrest there and not the elections which hungry people largely ignored. Food aid is the most potent diplomatic, in fact, tactical and strategic move the United States can employ to quell the spreading unrest.

Delhi and Crimes Against Women

On 10 Jan 2011, a gunny bag was found near the New Delhi railway station. It contained the body of a young girl who had been done to death. The police were clueless about the crime and one wonders where the national capital is heading.

Patent Plea Rejection: Pharma’s Reputation Risk

Patent rejection is already a reputation risk for innovator pharma companies. With each setback in a patent case, the innovators seem to be gaining unfavourable public opinion.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Resigns: Freedom Reigns for Now

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to give up his position Thursday night. Friday the Egyptian military said his concessions were not good enough and secured his resignation. His own stubbornness and arrogance could have cost his country greatly and himself even more. President Mubarak, your plane still awaits sir. It would behoove you to get on.

Syria Joyous in the Over Throw Military Coup of Mubarak in Egypt – But Why?

Apparently, Syria is quite happy to see Mubarak in Egypt go, as they have always felt he was more aligned with the West and moderate views, than those of Islam. Is that really true? Some would suggest Mubarak, was not a lover of America or Israel, rather doing what needed to be done for Egypt’s tourist trade, economic development, and simply getting along with its neighbors.

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