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Shortages in the Philippines

Lately there have been way too many outages in the Philippines, no soda, no smokes, no freaking electricity way too much of the time. Yet what we do have here is an abundance of love. If you’re considering the expat life style I have two words for you. Do it and do it in the Philippines.

Takers, Players, Partners, and Profits – Let’s Discuss US-China Trade Relations

Did you know that globalization is good, that free trade is good, and that greed is actually good in free markets because if you want more wealth, you have to produce more to get it? Either you have to work harder and longer hours to get the things that you want as a consumer, or as an entrepreneur you must deliver products and services better than your competition if you are to create wealth for yourself. The more people who participate in free markets, the more free trade that goes on, the better the people of the world will be through globalization.

China’s Growth – Amazing and Alarming

Many say that China’s growth should not alarm the US, as all nations go throw growth periods, and the civilization cycles are well documented throughout history. Of course, no nation with 1.3 billion people has ever gone through such a growth period, and there are inherent risks involved. Industrial revolutions, worker revolts, economic crisis, resources, food, etc, etc, and of course there will be challenges with all things that civilization need to remain viable.

Is the United States Reign of Power Over – Now Yielding to China?

China was at one time the dominant civilization, and being away from the others over a gigantic mountain ranger somewhat safe from other civilizations with huge armies. Not that China’s dynasties could not have countered a large scale army or attack, they were large in numbers and military technology of the day.

A Torontonian’s G20 Observations

I live walking distance from the locations of the protesting and vandalizing that took place during the Toronto G20 Summit on June 26 and 27 of 2010. I spent much of the weekend travelling by foot to these places before observing and talking to many of the thousands of protesters, bystanders, and police.

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