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10 Reasons Why American Empire Is Collapsing

The imperial perimeter is shrinking and inevitably leaving power vacuums to be filled. As that occurs, actors outside the perimeter expand their force. How can we tell?

Russian Legislative Election 2011: End of Putinism?

Since it has served its purpose of stabilizing and consolidating the 20 year old country, Putinism is officially on the decline. Its future, if it is to survive, is either coalition governance with communists or radical transformation towards long term construction of a post-scarcity societal model.

Is China the Next Global Power

China has a very ancient civilization, which stretches back to 400 years. At that time China was known as the ‘middle kingdom’ and was the centre of the world. But history has a cycle and that cycle sent China hurtling down as the European powers led by England and France came to the fore.

Mr Putin: End These Wrongs

The greatest problems with Russia that need addressing are an unreformed court system, deadly military hazing and domestic violence. Solving these problems will improve both Russia and its standing in the world.

Our Political Divide on Syria – What Diplomatic Tact Do We Take Now?

Well, the media seems to be bombarding us with Super Tuesday News, but that is hardly all that is going on in the world. Perhaps, the results of Super Tuesday will affect other major events around the globe too, as the US is at crunch time to make a decision what to do in Syria, and that will effect what happens in the future with Iran, especially considering they just had their election, and Russia too, both involved in Syria’s civil war and bloodshed. How we play this will determine human history in the Middle East for the remainder of…

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