Kids Went Inside An Abandoned Warehouse… This Is What They Found

Is China Pleased Our Military Is Busy Being Challenged by Iran and North Korea?

China is our biggest trading partner and therefore one of our biggest allies right? Well, theoretically that should be the case, as Americans and Chinese get along fine. Americans like Chinese food and we all have friends who are Chinese-Americans – we go to school and work together.

Things As They Are

What life have we got in 2012? What can we have in the 21st century? Weather and earth forecasts, predictions from psychics, statistics from historians, feasibility studies from scientists, economics from traders, lifestyles from tribes and communities, education from teachers, and false promises from a number of public and private servants, among others.

Is a Little Nationalism Really All That Bad – Of Course Not!

Is a strong sense of nationalism bad? I would submit to you it isn’t bad, and if you’ve ever been on a sports team you know that it is important for the team to come together in a common cause. Nationalism is quite a bit about that actually, and it helps a nation coalesce and conquer the larger problems they face.

Brunei Darrusalam National Vision 2035 – The Real Inclusive Growth

Brunei Darussalam is a small country in South East Asia, located on the coast of Borneo. The country is known as the ‘Abode of Peace’ and is known for its well managed administration. It has launched many policies and laws for the welfare of its people but the biggest vision that it launched in the year 2007 is called the ‘Brunei Vision 2035’ which aims at inclusive growth of the nation by focusing on eight major aspects. The areas of development include, education, economy, institutional development, domestic business development, national security, social security, infrastructure development, and environmental strategy.

India: Bizarre Happenings and Politics of Turmoil!

From ancient times it has been a proven war strategy to try to strike the enemy at it weakest point. At the moment the ruling coalition of India seems to be the common enemy thanks to all sorts of campaigns and bizarre happenings. And of course, the coalition has been at its weakest due to the number game and a series of unending scams.

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