Idris Elba Cast As Knuckles In Sonic The Hedgehog 2!

Brazil’s Economic Growth – Reducing Corruption

A short article on the issue of corruption in Brazil looking at ways in which the country is attempting to curb its effects. Readers can also gain direct access to an interview with one of the leading anti-corruption campaigners in Brazil at the bottom.

Ireland Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Part Two

We returned to Ireland again on a number of occasions since that initial visit and we witnessed first hand the changes, good and bad, that had overtaken the Emerald Isle. My wise, aging uncle, one of the few relatives left by 2000, profoundly said, “We’ve traded our soul for prosperity.” And, indeed, a phenomenal prosperity had swept the country by then, accompanied by a sea change in Irish mores, culture, politics, and outlook.

All the News in the World

Do you ever wonder what other countries have to say about world events? Do you ever wonder what’s important to them? We like to believe we’re getting the news when we read the paper or watch the evening news, but are we?

Made in China – The High Cost Behind the Low Price Tag

Admit it or not, we take many things for granted. About 90 percent of the clothes we wear everyday are made in China. Not to mention the other things we purchase on daily basis – tools, toys, furniture, electronics, and home appliances.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica

It is August 16, 2009 in Berlin. A tall, sinewy man proudly displays the Jamaican flag after winning the World Athletics Championship and setting a new world record for the men’s hundred-meter race. This is Usain Bolt of Jamaica, and he is currently the fastest runner in the world.

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