The Marginalization of the Igbo In Nigeria

In Nigeria, the Igbo are seen to be marginalized in all aspects of life, be it political, social and economical. While we cry against marginalization within the country, many Igbo people have actually cheated on their people. The attitude of so many Igbo people in recent times is more threatening than the external marginalization we are crying against.

The Importance of Kolanut in Igboland

Kolanut is one unique symbol that has stood valuable in the midst of the whole tribes of Nigeria. It is largely cultivated in the west, consumed in the north and valued high in the East. The kolanut is widely accepted as an honour in the welcoming of strangers and the saying goes that kolanut only understands local languages.

Commission of Inquiry – A Square Peg In a Round Hole

It is observed that when anything serious happens, the government always disappoint the citizens by keeping mute or reacting in a very slow but discouraging manner. It is also known that setting up a Commission of Inquiry has always been the government’s way of reacting to any form of crises, no matter how serious. In most cases, people are made to believe that the government had no intention of bringing about a lasting solution to these problems.

Igbo Enwe-Eze: Telling the Truth Half-Way!

For a very long time the Igbo people have been regarded as a nation without kings. This falsehood has spread like wide fire ready to consume the ignorant. It is true that “Ndi Igbo” as a tribal entity in Nigeria need no introduction nationally and internationally. The Igbo are a unique group, characterized by unique customs and traditions. To the casual observer, some of these “ways of Ndi Igbo” (customs and traditions) may be more of paradox.

A Japanese Christmas

A Japanese Christmas takes on a role similar to that of Valentine’s Day. Christmas is celebrated, but the atmosphere is quite different to that of western or Christian countries.

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