How To Live Rich Without Being A Millionaire

Weak Laws Make Mockery of Democracy in India

If the current trends are to be believed, forthcoming general elections may prove to be the mother of all elections and the costliest in the history involving over Rs 15,000 Crore of public money and 714 million people i.e. the worlds largest electorate (larger than the electorate in North America, Western Europe, and Japan combined).

Saudi Women Boycott Male Salespeople Selecting Their Bra Styles

The women in Saudi Arabia are boycotting the fact that male salesman are the ones that help select their bra styles. They are now flooding the select few women’s only stores for to buy their favorite bra styles. They feel it is an invasion of privacy. In a country that is so conservative that there is a strict segregation of sexes, this is an outrage.

China and the Global Recession – Part 1 – The Domestic Situation

The consensus of mainstream China analysts is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a unified entity that is destined to guide China into a new golden where it will enjoy global superpower status. This sanguine narrative maybe challenged as the current global economic recession has served to elucidate the genuine fragility of China’s political economy. Stability in the immediate future, let alone, decades from the present is not a fact to be taken for granted, but a likely possibility to be continuously observed and evaluated.

Shipping Containers Being Used to Build Homes in Costa Rica

In the United States, the importation of goods and services is nearly 60% higher than exportation. This influx of imported goods creates what is known as a trade deficit. America is buying so much merchandise from other countries, primarily China, and selling so little back to them that shipping containers are an impending waste disposal problem and a potential environmental hazard.

The Dulong People of China

A tiny river flows through the mountainous region of the Yunnan province of China. The river is called ‘Dulong’. The term ‘Dulong’ means little dragon. This river flows one hundred and fifty Kilometer to the south parallel to another river named the Nujiang. These two rivers run through ancient ridges which are sometimes as high as 4000 Kilometer. A few tribes have settled in the Dulong river valley. Dulong is one of those tribes and this Dulong people forms one of the ten small-scale societies in China. The Dulong people live in the western part of the Yunnan province. Myanmar and Tibet are very close to this region. Some people have also settled in the valleys of the Dandanglika Mountains of Myanmar.

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