GTA Trilogy Remake Is Real & Coming 2021!

Effective Diplomacy, Effective Diplomatic Sanctions and the International Dictatorship Tax

International sanctions on pro-dictatorship countries have done very little to suffocate these regimes. These sanctions have unfortunately translated into severe livelihoods for the impoverished populations while these governments continue to live in unmitigated affluence.

Nobody Seems to Be Asking WHY?

This too is an occupational hazard. And the fact is this is the real workforce in India called “drainage-cleaners.”

Lindsay Rosenwald – His Journey to Biosciences

Paramount Bio Sciences, LLC, a global pharmaceutical development and health care investment company, was founded and managed by Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald in 1991. The company facilitates drug development, scientific support and dedicates itself to finding and developing novel therapeutic medicines with large potential.

A Look at China’s Ascent

Half-gone are the theories that economic prosperity is dependent solely on communism, capitalism, socialism or some other dogma. Well, for the Chinese model, progress is anything that works.

Post Apartheid South Africa – A Model For the Future Israel

With Israelis and Palestinians locked in a seemingly intractable conflict in which both peoples have legitimate historical and biblical claims to the same land and shared aspirations for Jerusalem as their capital, imitation of post-apartheid South Africa may be the best and perhaps only feasible means of establishing lasting peace in the Middle East. Post-apartheid South Africa is especially relevant since Israel has significantly changed the demographic nature of large swaths of the occupied territories (the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza) due to construction of Jewish settlements and because it presently bears a striking resemblance to South Africa.

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