GTA 6 Location Was In Red Dead Redemption 2 All Long

Africa Continues to Obtain Hand-Outs From US – What is Next?

America has been generous to other parts of the world; especially to third world nations such as Africa in giving donations on an ongoing basis. Millions of dollars are raised annually by many nonprofit organizations in the name of poor Africans however, the problems haven’t vanished neither have they deteriorated; rather worst.

“Can You Repeat That?” – 6 Tips to Reduce Our Frustration With Accents

Having conversations with people who have accents, especially in a customer service environment, can be frustrating. This article offers six helpful guidelines to keep in mind when speaking with people whose accent is different from your own.

When Mother Nature Speaks – The Haiti Crisis

Haiti – a nation in crisis. Can we help? Should we?

Ukraine Presidential Election

Does Viktor Yuschenko now want a Czechoslovakia style split up of his country? What would be the next logical step for an ideologue after beating all records for the worst incumbent electoral showing (a jaw dropping 5% of the vote)? The past month demonstrated that perhaps he’d rather burn down the house if it will not be governed by his idealized notions of what Western reform means.

Five Ways the USA Still Influences the World

Despite the fact that the USA is still suffering from a failed economy, the USA still surprisingly influences much of the World. What are the five ways the United states still influences the World?

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