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Mining in South Africa

Mining, one of the main industries in South Africa has proven to be a resilient industry. It has been proven that countries with healthy mining industries is more resistant to worldwide recessions, as they still provide huge profits and create many job opportunities while providing many areas in skills development. Materials such as gold, platinum and coal which cannot otherwise be manufactured are all make up the mining industry.

Architecture Wonder in Singapore

What is so unique about Singapore’s architecture? What makes it outstanding that one can really be amazed at such uniqueness? Well, different influences have contributed in creating a melting pot of patterns and designs, some not even found in other parts of the world.

What Are The Hottest Careers In Thailand?

Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand, and is rightfully bestowed with the honor of being the capital city, in addition to being the centre for commerce, industry and cultural activity. That simply means that finding a career, while in Thailand is sure to revolve around Bangkok.

Misinterpreting Islam

Islam is one of the most maligned religions in the world. History was relatively never been kind with it. When terror unfolds in any part of the world, believers of Islam are always the first suspect.

Cultural Differences Motivate Female Czech Politicians to Take Racy Positions in Calendar

On July 9, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported that a Czech political party is selling a 2011 calendar featuring photos of its leading female members clad in revealing outfits and posed provocatively. While in the United States such behavior may be considered demeaning, in the Czech Republic it is apparently an expression of the newfound freedom of women in what was formerly a communist society.

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