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Why Google Should Stay Out of China

The Google-China relationship has always been a bit rocky. Recently, China finally drew the line and Google had no choice but to comply or to “get out”. Because this brought up issues of freedom of speech and, control of information, and compromising with ‘the bad guys’ people from all around the world were angered – except in China.

Why Peace Processes Fail

Peace processes invariably fail because one or both adversaries feel that they can get what they want without much compromise. This truism has been played out innumerable times in the history of international geopolitics.

Sing For Tibet

Lobsang Wangyal is planning a new event called “Sing For Tibet” to keep the issue high in the public view. This is an international performance, to be held on October 10, 2010 in Brussels and New York. There are no celebrities or speeches planned – the audience will perform the “Sing For Tibet” song together, without any kind of amplification. Wangyal hopes that people in Europe and the United States who say they care about the Tibet will take this chance to come out and show the world how much they want freedom for the Tibetan people.

A Strike for South African Education

For 20 days, South African public schools and hospitals locked their doors as union members protested for higher wages and greater housing subsidies. The nuanced view of South Africa’s public sector strike is the recognition of both the benefits gained from a union strike and the harm potentially incurred on schoolchildren in the process. Education is a human right that, when violated, becomes a matter of social injustice.

Jews – 8 Million (BC), + 2 Millennia =15 Million, + 6 Yrs =9 Million, + 65 Yrs (Today) = 14 Million

Persecution of minorities has high-lighted the history of the world and the lessons of struggling humanity since two-legged mammals left the caves, became hunter-gatherers, then farmers, villagers, city-dwellers – and intolerant of “outsiders”. From the perspective of a continually persecuted people, the total number of Jews living at any given time narrates the story of civilization, growth and decline. Two thousand years ago, at the peak of the glory of Greece and Rome, historians say Jews numbered eight million. Israel was then conquered by Rome, Jerusalem was sacked and the phrase “Wandering Jew” described their dispersion over the globe. Then, civilization ebbed and flowed…

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