Everything We Know About the World’s Most Isolated Tribe

Biography of Andrew Young

Andrew Young was born on the 12th day of March, 1932 in Louisiana, New Orleans. He is a minister, former Mayor of Atlanta, U.S Ambassador to the United Nations and the U.S congressmen. Andrew was a friend to Martin Luther King Jr., and he was with Dr. King when he was assassinated. Andrew Young served on the forefront of the civil right battle ground.

Assad’s Last Stand in Syria and End of an Era in That Region of the Middle East

Well, it is official Turkey has levied sanctions economically on the government of Syria. The Assad regime has already felt the effects of the crippling sanctions from the Arab League, as well as the Western world, after a recent UN vote. Every day, the news just gets worse.

Japanese Tohoku Earthquake of 2011

The Japanese Tohoku Earthquake of 2011 led to one of the biggest humanitarian crises and environmental disasters in human history. The earthquake came as a total surprise even to the advanced geology tracking system in Japan, and was of 9.0 magnitude, making it one of the five most powerful earthquakes on record.

Towards Women Empowerment in Indian Society

Quite often there is some confusion when we use terms like “gender equality”, “women’s empowerment” and “female autonomy”. While they may be used differently to suit the context, these are all essentially the order in which women are evolving in modern society today.

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2012

The ‘Fu’ or ‘Good Luck!’ Symbol is always conspicuously displayed during the Chinese New Year Period. Intriguingly, ‘Fu’ has two different meanings, depending on which way up you view it, both together mean ‘Happy New Year!

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