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Will the Entire Arab World Go Nuclear – Nuke Weapons for All?

It is amazing how many nations have nuclear weapons, and it’s unfortunate because it all started with the United States. Russia had given nuclear technology to China, China had most likely given it to North Korea, and now North Korea wants to go into the nuclear weapons business, as a sideline export industry to pay for the economic travesty they’ve created there. The Pakistanis have also sold nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, Algeria, and several other nations.

Abu Mus’Ab Al-Suri’s Teachings on Fourth-Generation Warfare, Individual Jihad and Future of Al-Qaeda

The writings and teachings of Abu Mus’ab Al-Suri, who is one of Al-Qaeda’s most prominent ideologues and strategists. It laid the foundations for the current generation of followers of Al-Qaeda in the West who would be willing to engage in jihadi activities without leaving their home countries, and with little or no contact with the organization.

Oldest News Report Was Printed In Mexico City

The first ever news report was an eight-page booklet published in 1541 after a storm and earthquake devastated Guatemala. Although the printing press had been invented in Europe about a century earlier, in 1440, the field of journalism had yet to be invented.

It’s Now Greek to All of Us – Market Draws Line in the Sand Around Greece

The market has drawn a proverbial line in the sand, and it runs along the Greek border. Investors have decided that the future of the free world lives and dies with Greece. The thinking is that if Greece defaults, it will have a Lehman type domino effect and not only bring down other weak nations like Portugal, Italy and Spain (those are the PIIGS you’ve probably heard about, add in Ireland and you see the acronym), but strong banks too. There is certainly reason to worry. They are right.

“I Know You Are, But What Am I?” – Closing the Cultural Gap

Conflicting values, mixed with impatience and a lack of understanding, are often at the root of discontent. Accusing the Chinese shopkeepers of being rude may appear reasonable until you learn their culture considers placing money directly in a customer’s hand a sign of disrespect. What needs to be changed; your assumption or their actions?

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