Every Friends Season Premiere: Ranked!

The Burqa and Islam

First of all, let us get one thing clear. The burqa is not an Islamic garment.

Anti-Suit Injunctions After West Tankers – The Rise of Foreign Tactical Litigation

There may be occasions when the involvement of a national court is necessary in order to ensure the proper conduct of an arbitration. One such example is the use of an anti-suit injunction.

Waste Management – Common Wealth Games in India

There are precisely 79 days left for the common wealth games to start in India. The city seems like it has been ripped apart, with dug up path ways, road construction and construction debris spewed all over the city.

The US Appears in the Human Trafficking Report

After signing the Human Trafficking Protocol in 2000, the US State Department has monitored levels of compliance with the protocol among the member states. Human trafficking is now an international crime according to the United Nations. For the first time this year the State Department audited the US and included the data on the list. For the first time, the State Department ranked itself, and the US received a Tier 1 rating. While some question the validity of the US ranking itself, it is an important step to get the information out into the open. All countries have problems with human trafficking, and the US is no different.

That Pioneering Spirit

When the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, they had been through the ringer. Utah history teaches of their suffering: a past tainted with persecution, intolerance, and murder; a harrowing winter across the plains from Illinois; more sickness and death. Many had left everything they owned and loved behind because they were looking for a place to live and practice their religion in peace.

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