Every Friends Finale: Ranked!

Turkey – A Bridge Between Islam and the West

After some time reviewing the Honduran constitutional crisis, I have decided to examine another example of a country where the constitution has generated controversy: Turkey. Although I believe Turkey has proven to be a success in bridging Islam and the West, I want to be clear that Turkey is not a country without its faults. Its refusal to accept responsibility for the Armenian genocide during World War 1 is deplorable.

Poland – A Great Success Story

For a country that has undergone so much adversity over the years, its people should take great pride in all that has been accomplished in such a short period of time. The current success of this nation never ceases to amaze me. This overview begins in 1795 when The Polish nation was almost eradicated from the face of the map.

Zimbabwe – The Tyrant

Why is Zimbabwe experiencing so much hardship today? What is the cause? This article provides a brief overview of the problem and questions the lack of regional opposition.

How Utterly Naive and Self-Absorbed Are Americans? Three to Go on Trial in Iran

Three Americans are about to go on trial for crossing the border into Iran allegedly on a spy mission. The three young adults were (they say) simply on a trek in Iraq and accidentally ventured across the border. Now they are the center of an international incident and pawns in a the nuclear standoff with Iran.

Mandela Freed, United Nations

We can only unite our nation if we are all free. While certain sectors of the nation are shackled by the burden of poverty, they the people cannot participate in liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Those who are sick whether mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually are not free to participate in the pursuit of healing if they do not get help and support in their efforts to get the best treatment.

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