Every AAA Game Still To Come In 2021

India As a Nation

When a young member of this nation goes through its history, the most predominant fact that comes out of it is that “WE” as a nation have always been fighting with one another. People blame the British for making us slaves. Were we really free before they arrived?

Why Ahmadinejad Has Audience Among Muslims

Ajmadinejad in this sense is very pragmatic and perfectly understands the need of using the modernity against the modernity itself. On the Muslims side, Iranian President, is trying to identify himself as the right person to create valid conditions for returning of the missing Imam and in this sense he feels being part of the Islamic eschatology.

An Unsung Hero to Haiti

As horrific as the daily reports are that come out of Haiti, there are many miracles occurring too. Reports of people working in unbelievable conditions, using their God-given talents to do what they can to salvage lives, is inspirational.

Google and China – A Dysfunctional Marriage

Since making its search engine available to Chinese users in 2000 by translating it into the Chinese language, Google was faced with significant restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. As all internet communications going to and from China traverses routers owned by the Chinese government, politically sensitive queries were blocked from making it to Google’s servers, the service was made slow and unreliable, and sometimes unavailable for extended periods of time as search queries were re-routed to local Chinese search engines.

Canada Immigration News – Housing Meaning and Markets

Housing plays a critical role in the feelings of security of individuals, providing a base to live and “bring up” a family. The location and idiosyncrasies involved in housing also mean that it is an important way in which people express their identity.

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