Ireland Vs US – Budget Deficit, Unequal Rules

European Union rules regarding member countries debt to GDP ratios could save Ireland. The US and Ireland do not play by the same rules, although to the detriment of Ireland they closely align themselves with one another as seen in this latest fiscal meltdown.

African Bureaucracies

The context in many African countries (among others) is not conducive to successful bureaucracies. For example: Information and evaluation are scarce and expensive, which inhibits internal and external controls.

Matraca – Visiting Southern Mexico’s “Street Children”

Stories of the author’s travels to Mexico and his support for projects assisting children and teens who work and/or live in the streets. The author talks about his meetings with indigenous people in Mexico.

Discovering Australia Through Coins

This article gives some insight to the wealth of information available at the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint. These mints provide excellent sources of information on Australia.

What Are the Chinese Doing in Pakistan’s Kashmir?

There is a lot of turmoil and chaos going on in Pakistan’s population right now. They are also experiencing a huge economic issue with inflation and high and employment. Things are at a boiling point, and that is before you even consider the reality of Al Qaeda and the Taliban at odds with the Pakistani government, and any US involvement with the government or within the region.

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