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Detailed information about teeth straightening aligners

Detailed information about teeth straightening aligners

Clear aligners in Dubai are suitable for straightening teeth in the gums and for moving the teeth along the gum line to shorten or lengthen the tooth at the back or top. However, they are not suited for teeth that are severely rotated out of line further than about 20 degrees.

If the alignment of the teeth is too extreme for clear aligners, then don’t let that stop you from getting orthodontic dental treatment. There are alternatives for those who don’t want to be confined to the usual metal dental aligner.

1.    The most common of these is known as invisible aligners and clear braces in Dubai. These aligners fit over the teeth and are designed to change the shape of the teeth so that they can move into a more natural position relative to each other. The main benefit of this type of treatment plan is that the wearer will not see what is going on beneath their aligner.

2.    Some invisible aligners will have an in-built light sensor so that you can see if your teeth have moved out of line, but this system is still fairly new. The process of clear aligners also offers some cosmetic advantages, as they give a more youthful appearance to the smile than some metal aligners do.

3.    To undergo the process of clear aligners you will be sent for a visit to the orthodontist who is going to explain to you all about the procedure. The aligner will be made from a solid metal frame that has been bent into a shape which is completely smooth.

4.    A thin layer of clear resin will be applied to the frame, over which the wire links will be fitted. This process will usually take around half an hour, but depending on how quickly you need the braces to be fitted it may be longer.

5.    If the process of clear aligners seems to be too time consuming or uncomfortable for you, then you may wish to choose between human aligners and Invisalign. Aligner is a newer version of the process of clear aligners. They are slightly more comfortable to wear, and although they may not feel as smooth to the touch as Invisalign, they are far more comfortable in terms of the pressure they provide.

6.    A thin layer of clear resin is applied to the frame of the Aligner, and it is shaped to mimic the look of a real tooth, with each tooth being pushed into place by tiny metal links. This process takes around thirty minutes in most cases, although this can depend on whether you go to an Aligner clinic or not.

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