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One White Covers Three Uglies

Color and class are often interchangeable until they come into conflict and then color always trumps class. Therein lies the true significance of color and its geo-political importance. A current illustration of these conflicting assumptions can be seen in this year’s Presidential campaign. Why would anyone vote for Mitt Romney who is from Appalachia?

Cuba Opens The Emigration Pressure Valve Again

Less restrictive exit policies in Cuba should make us rethink how we treat emigrants, from that workers’ paradise and elsewhere. We will be poorly served if we simply replace Cuban immigrants’ struggle for exit visas with an equally onerous struggle for entry permits.

Of All the Nerve of Socialist Leaders – Bolivia Wants Foreign Direct Investment in 2012

The landlocked country of Bolivia certainly hasn’t been the epitome of international diplomacy when it comes to foreign direct investment in the past. They have dutifully nationalized water treatment facilities, mining operations, and heavy manufacturing. They have stated that the minerals in the ground, and the water is the property of the Bolivian people, therefore it isn’t fair for corporations to be making money off of what isn’t theirs. That’s all well and good, and understood, however that was the deal, and these companies went in and invested billions of dollars to get everything up and running.

The Man Who Prevented the Next World War

Stanislav Petrov is perhaps a name that doesn’t mean almost nothing for the most of us. And still, it is the name of a man who avoided a Third World War, a nuclear war that could have lead slowly to the end of the earth we inhabit.

The Muslim Brotherhood Youth – What Can We Historically Compare That Strategy To?

When Mubarak fell from grace in Egypt revolution during the Arab Spring many were concerned of what type of new government might take over. Some suggested that since the military was mostly in control, and friends with the United States that we had nothing to worry about. Plus, many of those college students who started the revolution were also moderate Muslims or quite liberal, accepting of all religions. Other speculators suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood might take over, and we should be careful what we wish for in a new regime.

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