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China Challenges US Hegemony

“Partners or competitors? Chinese President Hu arrives Washington for first summit superpowers century. China and USA granted paramount this state visit where both countries zoom try positions and reduce deep mistrust governs relationships. From side because Beijing considers Washington wants curb growth. Other because USA suspected economic practices Chinese and intentions military especially Pacific.

Pakistan And Turkey Agree On Strategic Partnership

Pakistan and Turkey agreed on Wednesday to upgrade their strategic partnership and economic cooperation and political movements. “Pakistan in education, defense, agriculture, education, energy and trade ties with Turkey in its relations between the two countries will strengthen the values” of his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul, President Asif Ali Zardari, with a joint press conference said. Noting that the “value” of Pakistan’s strategic partnership with Turkey, the visit of President Zardari also called for a political way, the economic and defense mechanisms ensuring coordination, online news agency reported.

The Maharajah of Patiala and Hitler’s Present

The British Raj was the paramount power in India till 1947, but within that ambit they allowed the local Nawabs and Maharajahs to rule. This was after the proclamation by Queen Victoria in 1858, which guaranteed the Princes and Maharajas in India their dominions, subject to the over riding clause of British suzerainty. One of the states that benefited from this policy was the state of Patiala, whose ruler Bhupinder Singh was a flamboyant ruler.

Maldives Increases Service Tax Creating A Burden For Local Businesses

A new service tax passed in the Maldives is causing concern to inhabitants. There is concern that it will affect tourism.

Conflict Diamonds Or Blood Diamonds All Equates To The Same Thing, Loss Of Innocent Lives

Many of the world leaders like Nelson Mandela have made it clear that diamonds play a very important role in the lives of many people in Africa. Also the Diamond Council along with 74 other Governments and NGO’s have agreed that future measures are needed to strengthen the Kimberly prepossess.

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