Doing Business in Foreign Nations Which Do Not Honor Contracts

It is very tough to do business in a nation that does not honor the written word or make good on verbal contracts. Nations where the negotiation is always going forward even after payment has been arranged and money has already been delivered. After all, in a first world nation, often your word is you bond, but you’d be surprised how many places that just doesn’t hold, nor do written contracts.

Why World is Silent About Gulag KGB Leaders

Indeed, one may wonder why there are many books, articles, movies, museums, exhibitions, memorial events, groups, PhDs, conferences, etc. in relation to Holocaust and we get next to nothing in relation to deaths of millions due to Soviet political repressions at about the same time in history (mostly the 1930’s-1950’s). Nobody is even asking, “How are Siberian Gulag leaders doing now? Why does Russia continue to pay pensions to mass murderers?”

The New Face of Berlin Isn’t So New

After almost 20 years of reconstruction, Berlin no longer looks like a divided city, but more like a shopping mall. The spirit of the city may be forever gone.

The Internet and Living Overseas

While most people realize that location often does not matter with the internet, those who have experienced living overseas both pre-internet days and now can appreciate this fact the most. From work and play to keeping in touch with friends and family, the changes in lifestyle made possible by the internet for expatriates is much greater than for most other people. These effects may eventually have a wider impact on were people live in the world and how they interact with those around them.

Should the US Actively Assist China in Completing Their Distribution Supply Chain?

It is really obvious that China is on a mad dash and a scavenger hunt around the world to get all the resources it needs to keep going and to keep growing. Often, China burns bridges with the United States and other first world nations as it moves to seize opportunities for resources such as oil, minerals, natural gas, etc.

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