Back 4 Blood Isn’t A Left 4 Dead Killer (Hands-On)

The Great Indian Delusional Matrix

Owing to recent rapid strides made by India, a respectable school of thought has gained ground, which hails India as the great economic power of the twenty first century. This article is a reality check, lest such delusions of being the next great power blind us to the ground level realities.

The Mystery of Netaji Subhas Bose’s Death

Subhas Bose was a Bengali and one of the leading figures of the Indian freedom movement against the British Raj. Bose was an extremely intelligent man and had also made it to the hallowed portals of the Indian Civil Service. Born in 1897 Bose was a fiery man.

The Special Relationship Between Ireland and Scotland

There are many links between Ireland and Scotland and the two countries have developed a close relationship. In this article I’m going to explore the historical and cultural links that lie at it’s heart.

Ama – The Ancient Mermaids of Japan

In Japanese history lies a fascinating tradition, having to do with young ladies and the deep sea. Along the coasts of Japan, a highly prized mollusk lives deep down on the rocks.

The Long Background on Chinese Screens

Like much traditional Chinese furniture screens have a very long history. The oldest existing screens date back to the 8th Century A.D. But Oriental screens were written about and depicted much earlier. The original use of screens was to place them behind an emperor’s throne with weapon patterns on them to display the leader’s might.

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