Atlantic Charter | History #Shorts

Placing a Bet on Dubai’s Revival

The chips are in and the stakes are hot. They should be, for in contention is one of the world’s most beloved cities-the emirate of Dubai. Just at the start of this week, Dubai World emerged from a first meeting with its creditors- asking them for a standstill on US$22 billion of its debt for at least six months.

Indian Festivals Are on the Way – Makar Sankranti and Lohri

As India is one of the largest countries in the world with 28 states and seven union territories. Every year thousand of tourists attract towards India from all over the world. India is one of the countries with multi religion people of different customs and traditions living together and celebrates various events and festivals together.

The European Union – Paradise Or Purgatory?

Incredibly, the governments of 27 European countries have decided to hand over their independence to the bureaucrats in Brussels. But was this a wise move?

The Other Side of Globalization – Village of Self Sufficiency

Elango is borrowing a page from Gandhi by sharing his ideas and methods. He has set up a Panchayat Academy, and so far more than 100 villages have sent their Presidents for training. What can we contribute to the goals of enlightened village governance in terms of our time, energy and ideas?

Haiti Earthquake – Epic Disaster, Epic Opportunity

This disaster ranks in severity with the worst natural calamities in recent history including the 2004 Christmas tsunami, and the 1976 Tangshan earthquake in China. It is sure to be one of the worst natural disasters in living memory. How much can a poor country like Haiti take?

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