Animals That Killed Their Owners!!

Iran – To Change Regimes You Must Change Ideas

The problems in Iran, on the surface, are the result of a disputed election, but when you dig a little deeper the real difficulty, at its core, is a conflict of beliefs. To change regimes then, there must be a change of ideas.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Jane and Carroll in Kibera

Kibera, is a very difficult place to live and most days are focused on survival. Like many places, the citizens wake in the morning and begin their day. Here though, life is anything but ordinary.

ALBA Turns Ecuador – Nation-State Willing to Nationalize Businesses and Dump Capitalism

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Evo Morales of Bolivia have been very busy commandeering and nationalizing foreign assets in the name of the people. Basically they are stealing from companies and foreign investors that have come into their country and agreed to work there, hire workers, provide jobs, tax base, and income to those countries. Now they’re being thrown out and all their assets are being taken.

Growing Back the Reefs

The Philippines is known for its wonderful beaches and world class coral reefs, but the sad thing about it is that even if our country comes in third in the world when it comes to our marine life only two percent remain from its original luster. The Philippine coral reefs are in danger of becoming barren and measure should put up to prevent this from happening.

Commodity Bulls Snared by China Stimulus Snafu

Some of China’s stockpiling may well have been due to speculative excess, rather than any rational plan on the ground. That realization played a role in the market carnage seen this week.

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