Ancient Aliens: Extraterrestrial Abduction in Ancient Mecca (Season 5) | History

To Iran: Go Ahead, Make Our Day

That should be the US message to Iran’s threat of closing the Straits of Hormuz. By doing so it would give a sensible American Administration not only the opportunity to blow Iran’s navy out of the water but to hit all those nuclear facilities at the same time.

The True Christmas Story

Christmas is coming. This time of the year is a time for joy,love,hope. It’s time to make some good plans. It’s time for some memories.

Doomsdayers at It Again!

With the onset of yet another new year, we have arrived at that time when all the so-called experts make their predictions for the coming year. Some of the predictions pass by without anybody taking much notice and others are observed with anticipation to see just how accurate the prediction may end up being.

Middle East Versus West Culture Clash – How About Far East Versus West Culture Chaos?

Every nation should celebrate culture, and it should be preserved for all to see and experience. We need to do that to better fully understand one-another, and keep peace in the world. Everyone should celebrate everyone else’s culture, and learn about it.

Immigration Crisis – An Epidemic That Grips the World Now

Multiculturalism is the biggest challenge that many countries in the world face today. The unprecedented competition brought about by globalization necessitates countries to look for cheap and productive people from developing countries, to stay competitive.

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