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Education, South Africa, And the Millennium Development Goals

Last week, 140 heads of state and government gathered at the United Nations in New York to review the Millennium Development Goals. The Millennium Development Goal that is closest to the hearts of those involved with the Khanyisela Scholarship Program is Number 2: Achieving universal primary education.

The Complex Feeling When Talking About Japan in China

When you are in China, you have to be careful when you are talking about its neighboring country, Japan. The Chinese people are taught in their teens that during the second world war, Japan invaded many countries in east Asia, while quite a lot Japanese were taught in a different way.

Not Just the UID

If and when the UID project is successfully completed, a lot of dreams could actually begin to become a reality. Slogans and terminologies that have never really been very successful, but we have been hearing for years bridging the divide between the haves and have nots; bridging the digital divide; sustainable growth; justice for all; education for all; food for all; right to information could possibly become a reality.

Going Green Is IT, Incs New Mantra

Every year, June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment Day, a concept promoted by United Nations as part of their United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Interestingly, this year UNEP focused on providing solar energy to the villagers and school children apart from a funding of $85,000 for gorilla conservation.

Accidents Caused Due to Road Construction

Road accident due to ongoing construction work is the result of poorly marked construction signs. Read the review on what are the other issues that cause accidents due to road construction.

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