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Burundi Observes Independence Day

Independence Day: July 1, 2010 Independence Day is a public holiday in Burundi. After Germany’s defeat in World War I, Belgium was handed control of parts of east Africa, including the area that is now known as Burundi.

Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday Celebrated in Bhutan

The Birthday of Guru Rinpoche is a public holiday in Bhutan. The kingdom of Bhutan is fondly known as the “land of thunder dragons” to their citizens.

Armenia Commemorates Constitution Day

July 5, 1915 was the day in which by referendum the Armenian people approved the Constitution of the Armenian Republic. In its article 117, the constitution sets the date of July 5 to be celebrated as Constitution Day in Armenia.

Antigua and Barbuda Celebrate CARICOM Day

Every year on the first Monday in July, Antigua and Barbuda commemorates the treaty establishing the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) under the Treaty of Chaguaramas, signed on July 4, 1973. The other nations who signed the treaty are Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. The day is called CARICOM Day.

China’s Economy Starts to Grow Up

China did its consumers a big favor on June 21st, 2010 by allowing its currency to appreciate against the dollar for the first time in two years. Having also tolerated a recent wave of strikes that pushed some wages sharply higher, the Beijing government finally seems to be ready to do some economic growing up.

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