All Upcoming Movie Musicals in the Next 5 Years

Obama Claims That America Has the Ability to Compete With Asia

The U.S President Obama ended his tour to Asia and returned to the United States on November 14th. Although he said that all Asian countries are expecting the United States to intervene Asia. The U.S media analyze that Obama does not achieve the objective because the international situation is not like what he thought.

10 Anti-Development African Attitudes – The Enemy Within

Some of the major obstacles of Africa’s development can be overcome by change of attitude. It is estimated that 60% of Africa’s population is under 25 years old. That means most Africans were born after independence and colonial influence should be fading.

The Chinese Spring Festival and the Western Christmas

I believe that every one of you is familiar with the Christmas, but have you ever heard something about the Chinese spring festival? Do you want to know more?

The Relationship Between Russia and Japan About the Island

The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Jan and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev attended a meeting in Yokohama in Japan. The officials said that Naoto Jan talked about the dispute on the islands. There is no agreement was reached.

Dangers Facing China

When you listen to all of the press surrounding China, it’s easy to believe the country is becoming one of the greatest, most powerful nations in the world. China is a dominant force with a massive trade surplus, and a GDP that grows at nearly 10%. However, not everything is golden in China, as the nation does face several major problems.

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