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Cameroon: Modernization of Social Security With Greater Solidarity Between Cameroonians

Cameroonians have experienced some positive change recently with the improvement of the National Social Insurance Fund services. Nevertheless, despite several efforts and considerable discussions made to introduce and effect modernization of the social security in Cameroon, this issue remains one of the few items in the current regime that has not been attended to. We will discuss in the article the progress that has been done by the government of Cameroon, and what is still to be improved. Especially, we will present a recent reform that should modernize the social security in Cameroon and also ensure the national legislation of social insurance is in harmony with the requirements of Inter-African Conference on Social Insurance.

Life in the Philippines

Living in Asia has its rewards, but also unique drawbacks. I am a retired engineer from America, who decided to move to the Philippines for the rest of my life. Living in the Asia may not be the best choice for everyone, but for me, this is paradise. Since I cannot yet speak Tagalog, I found someone to be my life partner who has studied English and used it regularly. Her dad was a high school principal and also taught English. She has been my lover, my closest friend, my confidant, and my guide. We have rarely been apart since I arrived. I thank God everyday for her and her family. They have made sure that my adjustment to this island has been safe and happy.

Armenian Music and Its Impact on the Armenian Culture

The rich culture of Armenia is a veritable collage of different elements that are embedded finely and woven intricately. One of the most important elements, tying the people of Armenia in one common thread, is its music. Armenian music has its own unique flavor, yet it is perfectly blended with the neighboring countries like Russia, Georgia and Iran.

China’s Renminbi – Our Currency, Your Problem

This case introduces the basics of monetary economics and demonstrating practical applications of monetary policies and exchange rates that pertain to business decisions. Supporting this case study will be a discussion on the exchange rate policy that China has adopted preceding and following 1978, a year in which significant economic liberation took place. Events within the past couple of years that took place in China concerning their exchange rate regime were deemed highly controversial by members of China’s trade partners. The first objective of this essay is to trace the history of this discord surrounding China’s currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Next, questions from the case will be discussed. Lastly, the case will be made up-to-date with a brief excerpt concerning the current state of affairs surrounding this issue.

Learning More About Poverty in Peru

We just got back from a family visit to Peru and saw some of the most incredible sights in our lives. From mountain top glaciers, blistering desert to pristine rainforest we were taken aback by the epic beauty of the swathes of different geographical zones. A fantastical rich country – but we also saw incredible poverty.

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