A Doctor Tried to Resurrect George Washington From the Dead

The Personification Of Newspaper In The Information Giving Process

Being the oldest form of mass communication, newspapers have enjoyed a high rapport among their readers during all these years since they have introduced in this society. Newspapers have always played a critical role in spreading awareness, educating and informing people on a larger scale on various public concerned issues and matters. However, after the introduction of advanced technology, digital mediums to a larger extent have replaced the importance of newspapers in being the major source of news and information among these technology driven people.

Will the Iranian Regime Shut Down Demonstrators and Pull the Plug on Protestors?

Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, has threatened to shut down demonstrations, and severely punish those who organize protests, or marches against the regime. The Iranian parliament has talked about executing the leader of the opposition party, one of the parliament members who sides with the protesters. For a nation that claims to have elected representatives, Iran appears to be void of freedom, and willing to remove its opposition from the life experience.

Will the Mubarak Plague Spread?

As we watched in January and February of 2011, we saw the governments of Tunisia, and Egypt fall to protesters, marketers, and rioters. President Mubarak was the president of Egypt for over 30 years, but he fell in less than 20 days of rioting, and he fell at the hands of his own military no doubt. We’ve also seen riots and protests in Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen.

The Middle East Is Shaken Not Stirred – But the Suspenseful Audience Awaits

Starting at the beginning of 2011 we watched protesters, rioters, and demonstrations throughout the Middle East. The protesters took down the government of Tunisia, Egypt, and by February 20 there had been riots in protest in Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Algeria, and even civil unrest in Saudi Arabia. In fact it had also spread to even another continent – South America where there were riots and protests in Venezuela, and Bolivia.

Is 2011 to 2012 An Age of Revolutionary Change?

Dissent and demonstrations against an unpopular government has always been part of human history. Often a revolt failed, whilst on other occasions succeeded with far reaching consequences, but the images of open revolt by the average citizens of dozens of countries across the globe, is signaling that 2011 and 2012 could be the coming of age for a period of intense change.

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