9 Mysterious Creatures Hidden In Famous Video Games

Haitian Baby Born in the Midst of Conflict

There are pockets of victory and love in Haiti, in the midst of all the tragedy. When I think of babies and children being without food, clothing and shelter and abandoned; it touches my heart. When my girlfriend told me about this wonderful birth in the midst of a devastating earth quake, I shouted with tears of joy!

Media’s Potential Role in Fostering Middle East Peace

With global frustration rising over the stalled peace talks in the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Los Angeles Times reported in January on how the region could easily descend back into an intifada (uprising) just one year after last year’s devastating Gaza war. But is the conflict eternally destined to simmer, or are there ways that the fourth and fifth estates could begin to be harnessed for the purpose of changing local attitudes and expectations?

Haiti – Learn Its Brief History

The recent earthquake in Haiti has sparked a lot of public interest in the country. This is the second major natural disaster to hit the disaster prone nation, and the fourth since the start of this century. Hence, most media coverage has focused on the impact of the disaster, relief efforts, international aid, and other similar subjects.

Rating the Effectiveness of Russia’s Anti-Crisis Plan

Russia has quickly overcome the global crisis and turned toward positive growth going into 2010. How effective has the Russian government been at implementing anti-crisis strategies and what has really brought the Russian economy back to life?

A Healthy Outlook For the Borough of Dartford

The borough of Dartford has a population of roughly 85,000 spread amongst almost 38,000 households. Dartford is currently one of the Government’s targeted key growth zones within the Thames Gateway, with around 20,000 new homes and up to 50,000 new jobs planned over the next 25 years. Dartford is situated on the northwest border of Kent, close to the borders of South East London and Essex.

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