8 Video Games That Punished You For Being Good

Please Help Haiti!

We have all heard about the recent earthquake in Haiti. It has caused many of us to be thankful for our situation as the one in Haiti is very grim.

Haiti – Solar Sun Ovens Are Desperately Needed

The death toll in Haiti could reach 200,000 from the 7.0 earthquake on Jan 12th, according to the latest CBS news report. Many of those who survived the destructive force of the quake are now dealing with serious injuries, infected wounds and a lack of food and water. As of this writing, 12 days have lapsed and many have still not received food or clean, healthy drinking water. There are still dead bodies trapped and decomposing beneath the collapsed buildings, creating further danger of air-borne diseases.

2009 China Top 10 Travel Events

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present. As the Spring Festival is coming, aged Chinese usually recall what they have gained and lost in the passing year and make resolutions for the coming New Year. Now, at the beginning of 2010, let’s have a look at 2009 China Top 10 Travel Events, which is voted out under a nation-wide poll, and see the milestones of China tourism.

Haiti Earthquake Memories

The memories of death and pain still loom for the country known as Haiti. The 7.0 earthquake is still on the minds of most Haitians. The world is trying their best to save who they can. So many lives have been lost to the rumble and death totals are still increasing everyday.

India and South Korea Trade Relations on an Upward Swing

India shares cordial relations with South Korea since 1962. However, the presence of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, as the Chief Guest for the January 26 Republic Day celebrations will further strengthen the ties between the two nations.

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