8 Video Games Ruined By Being TOO Successful

India China Border Dispute – A Perspective

both nations were not masters of their own destiny. In 1947 India won freedom with a non violent movement led by Gandhi and Mao led a resurgent Red Army to complete domination by the communists and centralized power. Comparisons are odious-but the dawn of a new beginning for both was ominous.

A Short History of Inflation in Brazil

This article provides a brief examination of the history of inflation in Brazil. We focus particularly on what has now become known as the ‘lost decade’ of hyper-inflation as well as the policies that were used to stem its effects which have proven to secure the country’s position as a rising economic power.

Lessons From the Coup in Niger Republic

Niger republic is one of the landlocked countries in West Africa. It is located on the Northern border of Nigeria, and it’s a member state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Niger has enjoyed democracy for sometime now until the incumbent president Mamadou Tandja was forcefully removed from office through a military coup d’etat.

Goodbye Copenhagen, Hello Haiti!

The outpouring of financial aid in the wake of Haiti’s seismologic calamity is a welcome sign of global largesse. Though short-term monies will be disbursed for certain, past practice suggests long-run pledges are less likely to be, unless country leaders are proactive.

Special Report – The Art Of Economic Espionage – Why China Is Crushing America’s Global Supremacy

Modern historiography specialists have long argued that an essential segment in the study of human evolution is inextricably tied to the basic understanding that societies generally emerge, progress and fall cyclically. Such frequency in social evolution is not just a consequence of endogenous factors, it also results from the impact of the external environment, be it close – neighboring constituencies vying for the same resources – or far – as part of a larger geographical area.

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