8 Video Game Sequels That Did Characters Dirty

The Best Way Forward For Europe is to Celebrate Its Diversity

It is popularly assumed that Germany is Europe’s grade A student, while the countries ranged along the Mediterranean struggle with Cs. The knee jerk reaction is to say that Portugal, Spain Italy and Greece should become more like Germany in order to get their economies back in line.

International Problems and the Need to Resolve Them

The adverse effects that the environmental hazards are causing to health are of a serious concern. There are other economic and social consequences from the environment which contributes to ill health. It is not just a local concern but a serious issue that has to be resolved by gathering international response.

Japanese Houses

Although many different types of housing can be seen in Japan, generally the living area is smaller than in other countries. Some houses are designed and furnished in a Western style, but most still retain the traditions of earlier housing styles.

Terror Tremor Felt Again in India

On February 13, we witnessed another terror strike in Pune when a powerful bomb ripped apart German Bakery near a Jewish prayer house, killing nine people, including five women and two foreigners, and injuring 60 others, in the first major attack since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Read more…

The Role of World Leaders – To Draft Out a Global Resolution!

The role of world leaders such as Kofi Annan and Arch Bishop Desmund Tutu has been tremendous. They have been persevering and working tirelessly towards bringing peace in the world. Man is good by nature but he will end up doing mistakes unknowingly for which he has to pay a heavy price.

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