8 Video Game Decisions NOBODY Made Their First Time

Egypt Demands Return of ‘Stolen’ Artifacts

The Egyptian authorities are trying their very best to recover the ancient Egyptian artefacts from museum’s around the world. Egyptian authorities demand that the museums around the world must return the ‘stolen’ antiquities back to Egypt. Zawi Hawass, the head of Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities has been the most instrumental in this quest of recovering the country’s lost heritage.

Why Not Just Stop Buying Venezuelan Oil?

Hugo Chavez has been one royal socialist pain in the rear for the US, and his boisterous rhetoric is a severe danger to all in his region. His actions and angry moves against the US are quite problematic indeed. Not long ago, an acquaintance and I were discussing the issues of Venezuela nationalizing oil assets and Chavez’s threats.

Culture Shock – How Shocking is it Really?

You thought you knew all there is to know about Culture Shock? Think again. This articles provides an innovative way to look at this old phenomenon and offers fun and effective tools to manage it.

Beauty and the Beasts

Lazaro Cardenas Street in Mexico City is the unofficial dividing line that separates the Historic Center from the extending modern part. If you travel to the west, you soon arrive in the broad and beautiful expanse of Reforma, Mexico City’s Champs d’Elysees.

Diwali Festival – Diyas, Sweets and Gifts

Diwali is the most popular and most widely celebrated festival of India. The festival marks the victory of good over evil, and uplifting of spiritual darkness. Symbolically it marks the homecoming of goodwill and faith after an absence, as suggested by the story of Ramayana.

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