8 Precise Video Game Moments You Knew You Were Utterly Screwed

The Cost of a Quebec Driver’s Licence Increases Yet Again!

In 2010, the cost a Quebec driver’s licence will increase from $72/year to $86/year. Remarkably, this is a 200% increase since 2006.

Arabi Kursi, A Cultural Gem Lost in the Sands of Time

As an MBA student, one is taught to always question, always explore and never evade a good challenge. I was recently faced with one such challenge; to find and study a place called ‘Arabi Kursi’.

Prayer For Haiti and the World’s Neediest

The devastation in Haiti is more than my mind can absorb even though I grew up on an island and understand the isolation. Churches, schools, hospitals, business, entire neighborhoods are rubble. Dead bodies lie in the streets and the count of those killed is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. No one knows for sure what the count is; we may never have an exact count. The poorest country in the Western hemisphere has become a scene out of a science fiction disaster movie. Surely this cannot be taking place in real time.

The Country of Haiti As it Was Years Ago

Haiti is all in the news these days as the country has been devastated by a major earthquake and many aftershocks. Away back in 1956 I was a young sailor serving in the Royal Canadian Navy on board the Canadian destroyer HMCS Haida. The ship had just returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia after fighting in the Korean war.

Haiti – A Summary of the Earthquake Event

The massively destructive earthquake that hit the impoverished island nation of Haiti earlier this month has dominated recent global news. Reams of newsprint and thousands of websites have been dedicated to chronicling recent and past misfortunes of this country, ranging from natural disasters to political upheavals.

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