8 More Moments That Literally Stopped Movies

Need For Empathy With the Melanesian Way

After 15 years of roaming Papua New Guinea – climbing mountains, exploring burial caves, attending Highland ‘sing-sings’, leading numerous expeditions across Kokoda, and meeting politicians at the national, provincial and local government levels I thought I was beginning to understand this land of a thousand cultures. But Papua New Guinea is the ‘land of the unexpected’ and as soon as you think you are beginning to understand, the unexpected surely happens. Last week’s heavy handed directive to banning PNG Ministerial visits and today’s Foreign Affairs Traveller’s Warning Advisory reflects a growing frustration with our closest neighbour and a lack of understanding of the intangible ‘Melanesian way’.

What’s That I Smell – Humanitarian Fertilizer and Ammonia Nitrate on the Iranian Floatilla?

Tell me does anyone really know what is in that 1100 tons of humanitarian aid on the Iranian floatilla cargo ship which will attempt to run the Israeli Blockade with two mini-attack sub escorts? Is it a ship, is it a humanitarian effort, or is it nothing more than another giant PR bomb in the International media against the Jewish State. Whatever it is, it isn’t sailing out of the goodness of Ahmedinejad’s heart, and why might I say something like that? Well, it’s simple really, you see Iran has been supplying insurgents in Iraq, and the Taliban with weapons to kill US and NATO Troops.

Problems That Pakistan Faces Today

Pakistan is a nation of 180 million people. Our economy is stifled and we are living on handouts dished out by the IMF and foreign remittances sent back home. The IMF has been responsible for the debacle of a number of economies and Pakistan seems to be one of its latest victims.

Crisis Point – Social Care Recruitment

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) has voted to establish a new College of Social Work. 89 per cent of the 5000 qualified social workers voted in favour of the action, which they hope will help raise the profile of their profession.

HIV and San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Researching how HIV/AIDS victims are supported in Honduras. First article is on San Pedro Sula and Care Teams.

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