8 Final Levels That Almost Ruined Incredible Video Games

China is Not Allowing Google to Launch Its Phones

Google has hold back the launch of its first and foremost mobile phones in China, a further sign of the widening outcome of its judgment to defy the Chinese government over cyber-attacks, cyber-security and Internet freedom. The firm said in a proclamation that it was pushing back the release of Google-muscle phones made by Samsung and Motorola that had been listed for Wednesday.

Parshat Shoftim – Military Exemption

I remember during my basic training in the Israeli Army when I made a very important discovery about the system. Basically, it goes like this. There are only two types of soldiers:

Parshat Haazinu – Lessons From Shechem, Lessons From History

Fact #1:In the year 2000 the city of Shechem (Nablus), the city in which the famous Biblical figure Yosef HaTzadik (Joseph) is buried, was given over to control of the Palestinian Authority, and Jews were no longer praying there on a regular basis. Fact #2: In this week’s Torah portion we are told these beautiful and memorable words…

Intervention in Myanmar – The Free Burma Rangers

The Free Burma Rangers began humanitarian relief missions into the war torn country of Myanmar in 1997. The team risks their lives taking in food, medical supplies, and educational materials to the more than one million internally displaced people, who have been forced to flee their villages leaving them shelter-less and stuck foraging for food while hiding in the Burmese jungle.

Importance of Young Leaders in Global Issues!

The need of the hour is to discuss the global issues such as health care, global warming, industrial waste, poverty, agriculture etc. Nothing else is important at this point of time as population is increasing and one needs to know how to resolve the issues that are affecting man kind.

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