8 Best Video Game Endings You Will Never See On A First Playthrough

A Warning to Jews

When you see an article in the newspaper that the New York City Police Department is adding extra security to city Synagogues in anticipation of an attack, you’d better sit up and take notice. Such a piece appeared last week. In the coming days or weeks Israel will be making an important decision that will affect Jews worldwide. That decision is it’s response to Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat of destroying Israel as soon as he has the capability to do so.

Indian Elections – 2009 – Part II

The second part of my observations deal with mainly the political parties and the chaos they have created under the garb of coalition. I am still unable to understand: how can a party be a ruling one when hardly 35% of votes have been given in their favour?

Mexico City Warned Folks of the Water Shortage, Now it is Temporarily Turned Off

Mexico City is known for many things, but one thing the locals know about is the severe shortage of water. The main municipal water supply has been shut off for three days temporarily to prevent the water from running so low that it would run out without the emergency temporary cutoff. Worse, many with undeclared (illegal wells) are now selling water to those without. Unfortunately this just takes the water table down even lower.

Difference in Working Styles Between India, US and Europe

The working styles between India, US and Europe differ widely. Many Indian corporates and multinational companies are wooing Indians settled abroad in the US and Europe to return to India and work for them. With a multitude of highly paid jobs up for grabs for the experienced professionals, many Indian expatriates are thinking of returning home to take up these jobs.

International Framework in Combating Climate Change

Most people would agree that something must be done about climate change. However, getting some of the biggest polluters on Earth to do something about it has been the challenge so far.

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