7 Video Game Enemies Defeated By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Future World Lies in the Hands of Potential Leaders – How?

The pace at which the world is heading towards, one has to draw a line to this and curb human actions. It is due to human’s activities that the ozone layer is depleting. The composition of the atmosphere has been changed due to human beings. There have been frequent changes in the weather patterns.

Hispanics in America – Culture and Mexicans, Cubans, Venezuelans

Find out how some Hispanic cultures acclimate to the mainstream American culture. Analyzing Hispanic groups in America is a long and informative journey.

Will India Disintegrate?

Will India go the way of the erstwhile Soviet Union? The Soviet Union was a monolith state that loomed all over the world like a colossus. Look back to Stalin and Brezhnev and at that time one could dismiss the break up of the Soviet Union as imperialist propaganda.

Social Enterprise in Pakistan

This article discusses the opportunities for growth of social enterprises in Pakistan. The key to their success will be a bottom-up approach to development and linking this to economic growth.

How to Donate Credit Card Points to Haitian Relief Efforts

Are you looking for ways to help out Haitian relief efforts, but short on cash? No problem! Now, credit card companies and banks are making it easier than ever for people like you to make an impact in Haiti by enabling cardholders to donate points to Haiti.

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