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7 Laser Technology and Its Application in Real Life

Laser marking simply means the use of beams of light to create markings on a surface or material. Depending on the type of materials that need to be marked, different lasers can be used to achieve the purpose. Laser technology is known to be excellent and accurate and it doesn’t destroy the material being marked.

1. Types of Laser Cutting

laser cutting

Laser Engraving, this is a type of ray marking in which deep and permanent marks that withstand abrasion are made. These are normally meant for the large branding where big marks need to be made for people to recognize the brand. Laser engraving is permanent and very hard to remove so people trust it if they want to make permanent marks on the material.

Etching is another type of ray marking that enables one to create structures using the laser beams of light. It is normally at high speeds so the cuttings are precise and sharp and the structures are close to reality. Laser etching is widely used to create logos and other brand identifying structures.

Laser annealing. This is a type of cutting in which marks are put under the object without interfering with its surface at the bottom. It is normally used to make marks on the underneath of electronics. In laser annealing, you need to make sure you have the best beam that will not imperforate objects. An example is when making the chips of computers and electronics. Such a type of laser marking requires proper precision to ensure there is no damage to the underneath object. All you need to do is to make sure you use the proper light.

2. Application of Laser Marking in Automotive Industry

Laser Marking in Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is one of the largest beneficiaries of technology. of the uses is the drilling of symmetrical holes to ensure there is perfect balance of vehicle. For example, drilling of tire holes where bolts and nuts can be mounted. There is also engraving that is done to ensure brands, naming and labels are made. When using the technology, there is also the making of tire marks that ensure they are symmetrical and reliable.

Laser technology has really helped because even in the fixing of lights, making of groves and making of the auto glass has been fully aided by the laser technology.

3. Application of Laser in the Wood Industry

Laser in the Wood Industry

Have you ever seen furniture that looks so impressive to the extent that you wonder how it was made? Well, some of them are made from the use of laser technology. The precision, refinement and finishing is all one of a kind because the use of beams of light is so accurate. The wood doesn’t break so you always enjoy excellent designs without any point of weaknesses. Even when it comes to drilling wood in a perfectly symmetry and matching, laser technology can serve the purpose.

4. Application of Laser in the Fashion Industry

Laser cuuting in Fashion

According to the Laser marking has been used in the fashion industry. Most impressive designs are a result of ray. Cloths strength, coloring and wonderful designs are some of the functions of ray marking in the fashion industry. Quality of fashion and accessories have been maintained through the use of lesser technology which ensures every piece is up to the standards.

Labels, logos and markings have been possible and easy to make because of the excellent kind of precision that comes along with lesser technology. Lesser in fashion has also been used to make jewelry and other markings on the caps. Watches, bracelets, earring and other fashion accessories have all been made perfect because of the ray marking machines or materials. You can use ray technology to make even the markings on your shoes.

5. Taps and Plumbing Industry

laser in plumbing industry

Taps and faucets need to be well structured to ensure they work. For you to be in a position to use taps without any problem, ray technology is used to ensure all pipes are labeled accordingly to ensure they don’t burst or show any line of weakness at any time. This is the best way to ensure all tap systems are secure and strong. There are also metal tabs and shower heads that need to be made using the ray technology for them to be working properly. Always make sure you have the best ray using the company to get such products from. Ray marking gives the marking without any compromise in quality.

6. Laser Technology Application in the Medical Industry

Laser Technology in Medical Industry

Medical instruments play a very important role in healthcare service delivery to the people. Every instrument has caliber which needs to be marked. The user of ray technology has been widely used to ensure every item is well marked without compromising the quality of the instrument.

X-rays, glasses, radiography machines and other types of machines are all products of ray technology. All you need to do is to make sure you have an excellent company that uses this technology and you get quality products. Another example is the microscope which is also made from ray technology from designing to assembling of the parts.

Most parts made from the laser technology are of satisfactory quality and they always deliver the best service.

7. Home Appliances


This technology is highly used in the making of home appliances. One of these appliances include the water heating kettles which every household seems to have. It took the use of ray marking to ensure the metal is well-cut so as to create something that can take heat without breaking down.

Iron boxes are also made from ray technology since the metal used on them needs to be well-cut and measured to ensure it fits well. You will be surprised that even knives and cooking equipment are all as a result of the ray technology.


Laser technology is one of the best inventions to have been made because it is used in almost every industry. Quality of products have highly improved due to these laser technologies.

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