15 Ways to GIVE BACK

J Street Versus George Washington

“J Street” is a new lobby for Israel. Our first president, George Washington, who warned of entangling alliances with foreign powers in his famous Farewell Address, would not have approved.

50 Stars American Flag Creator Robert G Haft Passes Away at 67

The creator of the current American flag, Robert G. Haft, passed away recently at 67. His flag formation, which was created as a school project, was picked by President Eisenhower before Alaska and Hawaii were admitted as states.

Reasons Why Mexicans Immigrated to the United States

America is a nation built mostly by immigrants coming from countries like Ireland, Mexico and other European countries. Most of the immigrants came to the United States to gain better opportunities for a job.

The Reign of Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge was formed because of the resistance against France and was influenced by the Vietnam War. The party wanted to make Cambodia a rural and classless society under the leadership of Angkar Pedavat. The result of the regime was millions of deaths because of massacres, starvation and overwork.

Prices on Black Tea From Kenya Still Fluctuate

This past year, prices on black tea from Kenya have fluctuated. Does this affect your morning cup of tea in any way?

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