15 Things You’re Possibly Overspending On

Indian Society and Women

A society runs on two wheels. For any society to run efficiently both of these two wheels must be equally strong for a smooth run. So are you still on the weaker and the inefficient side of that wheel which still runs for girl infanticides, harassment of women and other extreme social taboos which life of woman no less than hell!

Profiling the Nigerian As a Terrorist – The Cultural Issues

The cultural reasons why profiling the Nigerian as a possible terrorist could be another effort in futility for the global community. The Christmas Day incident, while it has a Nigerian citizen as suspect, does not reflect anything of the Nigerian spirit which is more resilient than revolutionary and self protecting than sacrificial.

Famous People From Panama

Panama is a Central American nation and has a population of more than 3.3 million people. Panama was ruled by Spain until 1821 and later it gained independence and became a democracy. The Suez Canal is a popular feature of Panama. The United States helped the nation in its war against Colombia.

Jacob Zuma Superstar

South Africa is getting so much press coverage. So much positive press coverage. But, what changed in the past year? Has our leadership changed to one that is less corrupt? Have we found new, highly valuable, natural resources? Have we won major international sporting events?

Calgary Oil Boom

Historically, during the exploration and subsequent settlement of the Canadian territories, Alberta and the modern cities that you may know today contained in the province were only small towns and forts that dotted the area. Now you may not recognize it as one of the major cities in Alberta, Calgary is now the third most populous city in Canada. When they discovered that Alberta has huge reserves of untapped oil, the small town of Calgary suddenly became the modern cosmopolitan city that is widely known today.

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