15 Things You Didn t Know About Scott Adams

China Air Plane Travel Safety – Flying High Over Development Challenges

China’s air plane travel safety record is reassuringly good despite some very colorful anecdotes and economic development challenges. Read about interesting flight experiences, safety findings, and growing pains.

The Military Portion Of Obama’s Budget

Barrack H Obama, the president of the United States of America sent his proposal of $3.83 trillion budget to the congress on Feb 2010 with a massive deficit of $1.56T. This gives birth to my current writing topic.

Italy Outlaws Plastic Bags: Impact on Packaging and Plastics Industries

Ways that companies must adapt to changing legislation. The future favors environmentally friendly companies.

Is WikiLeaks Leading a Media Revolution or Digging the Industry’s Grave?

Will WikiLeaks do the media industry more harm than good? Certain schools of thought certainly seem to think so. But there are others who think protecting WikiLeaks and what it stands for is a matter of international urgency.

How Many People Have to Live in Urban Slums – How Many More Have to Die?

There are so many urban slums around the world now, and some are so large they have greater populations that many of our largest cities. Take the Kibera Slum, an urban area slum along the Nairobi River in Nairobi Kenya, there are 880,000 people living there. Well actually that figure comes from a UN Habitat for Humanity report put out in 2005.

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