15 Things Men Wear that Women Hate

The Ten Countries With the Most Incidents of Terrorism

Read the list of countries with the most terrorist attacks. These hot spots include Russia, Colombia and countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Spirituality and God Before the End of Days

There is little doubt now that we are coming to the end of human life on earth as populations are out of control and breeding is beyond sustainability, Climate change and global warming will see a massive decline of food while disease and famine will increase substantially. So where does spirituality fit into this picture?

The United Nations In Action: Global Warming, Global Fleecing, Global Revamping

In the wake of the second expose’ within two years that revealed the lies behind man-made global warming/climate change, instead of backtracking and conceding the facts, the United Nations went on the offensive by drafting a treaty at Durban to further milk the Western world by requiring us to compensate the rest of the planet for our rudeness toward “the rights of Mother Earth.”

Greek Gift: A Crisis And Its Global Shockwaves

A Specter is hovering above the global community: The specter of hunger. Since the economic meltdown of 2007 to 2009, so much has happened to undermine the recovery effects of the world financial system. Natural disasters, corporate greed and widening divide between the economically buoyant countries and the impoverished ones bred uncertainties in the global economy and splattered blood on the floor of the world’s stock markets in a horrendous bears rampage that left investors all over the world bruised.

Arab League to Observe and Monitor Syrian Crisis – Why Not Use Small Drones to Watch?

The Arab League has arrived to monitor the Syrian Crisis, great but what exactly are they going to be looking at from the ground which will shed any light on the reality – I ask? Riding around in Army vehicles through the streets of protestors isn’t exactly safe, and they are liable to be targets, which is a bad scene to begin with, which certainly won’t help the protestors cause. Will the observers get constant updates from ‘Twitter’ to go check the validity of the tweets in real-time?

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