15 Things KEVIN HART & THE ROCK Have In Common

China plus ASEAN plus FTA equals East Asian Unification? Not Quite Part II

While the United States is generally supportive of ASEAN, it is not in the strategic interest of the U.S. for it to be outside of an Asian economic bloc, especially one that will aid in cementing a strong Chinese leadership position in Southeast Asia.

The Last Crisis of Fidel Castro – Sports Defections

Exactly I don’t remember the year, of course, but I know that happened. When I was a teenager I was an admirer of Cuban Olympic athletes such as Mireya Luis (who was a spectacular volleyball player), Magaly Carvajal, and Alberto Juantorena. And that wasn’t all.

Pinpointing Culprits With As Many Fingers As Possible

Proactive laws as a response to the potent international threat of terrorism have been pointed out to clash with organic constitutional rights in most countries in the West. The culmination of the power of a non-state actor in the international arena has been gracefully executed in the September 11 attacks. With this pending threat lurking in every country’s domestic territory, based on religious affiliations rather than material divide, states have forwarded legislation that are not only broad-based but utterly discriminatory.

India’s Spy in the Sky

The technology is developing fast and so is the world we live in. But this development is accompanied by a sordid facade. It has become one of the most important issues in front of the mankind and it is terrorism.

Crime and Punishment – Britain’s Parliamentarians to Escape Justice

The furore in Britain’s parliament over the expenses debacle has added fuel to the fire now raging as the country faces its worst economic crisis of modern times, with the Exchequer laid bare for a decade or so to come. Michael Martin, who was perceived to be the overseer for a legion of so-called fraudsters has been forced to resign as the House of Commons’ speaker in a row over MPs expenses and is the first speaker to be forced out since 1695. Anger is brimming over at the moment as MPs have been…

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